100 Years of Beauty: Vietnam (Isabelle)

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Isabelle Du

Lindsey Watkins

Meghann Oliberos

Stacie Thomas

Makeup Assistants:
Rachel Jordan
Sarah Piha

“The Truth” Krupa

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Có 32 bình luận trên “100 Years of Beauty: Vietnam (Isabelle)

  1. Amarante Ivoine :

    For anybody who confused with the black teeth in 1910s then this is why: At that time black teeth was a beautiful trend of Vietnamese women, it was a symbol of noble, wealth, healthy and elegent, even all the queens dyed their teeth black. After French colonization, a lot of women prefer French fanshion so black teeth become more old-fashioned. But until now, some women still keeping black teeth as a tradition, my great grand mother was borned in 1960s and her teeth is still black!

  2. Inner Goddess :

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  3. Inner Goddess :


  4. Inner Goddess :

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  5. yasmine JAZZ :

    Okay so she's so gorgeous 🖤I'm curious about the black substance that Vietnamese women of the 10s applied to their teeth?! She looked beautiful in them!

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