3 real manga made by 𝐻ƎNTA𝐼 artists

Hope you enjoy the manga and the sauce , have fun.

Plus Sized Elf
Shachiku Succubus no Hanashi
Ane Naru Mono , Shougeki no soma, Dr.Stone ,Highschool of the dead ,

I will now put a lot of titles of videos from successful Youtubers just to see if it actually helps promote videos or if its just bs.

I saw this in a Pewdiepie video , so if you don’t like this , go blame him.

This 𝐻ƎNTA𝐼 is Trending in Japan! ,I got to interview my favorite 𝐻Ǝ𝒩𝒯𝒜𝐼 artist and… ,𝐻ƎNTA𝐼 – The Best Part of Pokemon Sword & Shield ,How 𝐻ƎNTA𝐼 Saved Me (emotional) ,The Ultimate Big Sister Demon Waifu…,THE THICCEST MANGA YOU WILL EVER READ , My Favorite Hentai??! (Answering Your Questions) , THERE’S A MILF ISEKAI NOW?! , Hentai IS Art. , Hentai in a Nutshell , Character Development in 𝐻ƎNTA𝐼

Ok , I feel dirty now , dislike this video if you happen to see it , it doesn’t deserve love.
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I’m going to sleep now , I’m tired af of editing this awful video, bye.
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  1. EmeraldMaster :

    bro i appreciate your video but you should watch your pronunciation it might turn ppl off of what is otherwise a good video. also are you argentine? it kinda sounds like that

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