CAPTAIN MARVEL POST CREDIT SCENE 1&2 [HD] FOOTAGE (Captain Marvel Avengers 4 Endgame Tie-In Footage)

CAPTAIN MARVEL POST CREDIT SCENE 1 & 2 [HD] FOOTAGE! (Captain Marvel Avengers 4 Endgame Tie-In Footage)

Today, we have the two Captain Marvel Post Credit Scenes. The first Captain Marvel “Where’s Fury” pager scene and the goose the cat coughing up the Tesseract scene. Captain Marvel debuted on the 7th of March in select US Cinemas. This is the Avengers Endgame tie-in / Avenger’s 4.


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    Google said "after thanos snapped only 3.8 billion people were left"BUT I SAW 3.2 BILLIONGOOGLE LIED IT DOSENT KNOW EVERYTHING

  2. alan percival :

    The Tesserract !! I capt America 1st Av ..Howard stark finds said object of the coast of new foundland(yes)….then I presume SHIELD inherits it(turns up in Thor) ,..then capt marvel Dancers(marvel) gives it to fury for safe keeping…SO How many Tesserract's are there?¿??

  3. Jesse Torres :

    We all know that 2018 ending sets the events for endgame. But 1995 with Goose the Cat unknown but if I have to guess it sets up Captain Marvel 2.

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