Conditionals: zero & first conditionals (English Grammar)

“If I eat two hamburgers, I will be full.” Conditionals in English grammar are very confusing! Learn what ‘First Conditionals’ and ‘Zero Conditionals’ are, when we use them, and how we use them correctly! I’ll also teach you the differences between them, so you’ll never confuse them again. You can take a free quiz on this lesson at:


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  1. Maxwell Leclerc :

    Very good lesson, 👍 I have being following you for about 1 year and I am progressing. 😉If I have understood well, to know the difference between the 0 and the 1st conditional I must ask myself if the main clause is a general truth (type 0) or not (type 1) 🤔❔❓

  2. Leyla Mammadova :

    Hello greetings from Azerbaijan.İ really love your english lessons.Teacher can you make video about İf clauses types 2,3 and Mixed .Maybe you have such this video but i could not find it.Thank you very much for your free lessons.

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