Edison Chen Bobo Chan Cecilia Cheung Gillian Chung scandal

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Edison Chen ORAL SEX history Cecilia Cheung Gillian Chung Bobo Chan sex scandal of the century. A disgrace to the Hongkong showbiz industry. 张柏芝, 陈文媛, 阿娇, 容祖兒, 陳冠希

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  1. fcuking Sg Invain :


  2. Losing Hope :

    @Its81210 This is a little odd, but I forget women can forgive a man messing with other women. You even tend to prefer men with some sexual popularity. And I meant to point out Chinese women have more in common with other groups of women than they think. Most guys aren't going to see you as wife or real romance material if he sees or know you're screwing someone else. (Again, sorry if I piss you off, but please think about it before you reply angry.)

  3. Losing Hope :

    @yin8838 I had no idea he was such a big star nor that women thought he was that hot. Otherwise, if Chinese women get down like that I'm completely offended how they treat me.

  4. Losing Hope :

    @Its81210 I would still be a little shocking to some. I know men who easily meet women and end up sleeping with them. Yet, few would agree to be taped and they are never desirable women like Maggie Q, Shu Qi, or Gillian. If your favorite actress, a teacher you have a crush on, or the girl you love had it documented that was getting down and dirty with a football team you would be upset or at least she would not be as desirable.

  5. Losing Hope :

    This is REALLY WILD. I was just looking up Gillian and Charlene up on wikipedia. I enjoyed the Vampire Effect (Twins Effect) a lot. Then I find this mess. If the two of them just had a sex tape would be one thing and still a heartbreak. But I'm reading this guy nailed at least 21 women on video including Maggie Q?! I see why people took it too hard, even though it is more creepy & unbelievable than wrong. It's going to take days to calm down from the shock.

  6. Sophie-Fun :


  7. Barbie Theeta :

    pengen banget punya wallpaper or themes2 cantik &lucu dari club sanrio.?kamu2 join aza ma kita-kita disini…di club sanrio…klo kmu da masuk ke club ni,pasti bakalan gemes liat si cute hello kitty,si kocak kerrokoppi..banyak dech pokonya……trs da bonus nya lagi..gabung yuuukzzz..kamu ketik REG SANR kirim ke 9789(khusus Telkomsel)bonusnya limited edition loh..

  8. musicalcrashx :

    Copying and pasting your comment on EVERY Asian video you can find? Can anyone say pathetic?

    DO try to use your brain once in a while, thinking won't cause your brain any irreparable damage. At least, it won't be damaged anymore than it already is.

  9. Sinfuldavy :

    What was the purpose of video taping themselves in the first place? To share with friends? Well, now its shared around the world

  10. pureaznman :

    why the hell are you using a great song for a dumb ass video like this… Seriously, you killed the music. And about edison chen, this kind of shit happens all the time. He's not even freakin from HK. HK is too conservative for its own good. What's next, someone goes to jail for watching porn…

  11. Tiffany Yong :

    Just freaking leave them alone la!! Whatever they want to do is none of our business!!
    sinawinning, u got nothing better to do is it?? Get a life!!!!! LOSER!

  12. Argel Dela Cruz :

    If sex is their way of showing their love, then they should at least know what to do and what not to do. As famous public figures, they should have kept in mind that they have an image to take care of.
    If they really want to do it, then go do it. But what's the point in filming them? Isn't the experience enough for them, that they have to relive every moment by watching the videos or whatever? I like Edison, but somehow I kinda lost respect for him… Sorry… I don't mean to offend anybody…

  13. krnboy32 :

    damn at least edison got to bang all those cute girls before he becomes a nobody. At least he'll have the memories, well the photos forever, lol.

  14. DrFlippin :

    I agree that Chen is a dumbass but so is everyone involved in the scandal, including all of the fans! These stars are manufactured & manipulated, just like their so called 'Pure' images! All the time fans have been adoring these so-called role models, they've been whoring it up. If their images are carefully manipulated, then what else is being manipulated? Open your eyes:The more telling facts are in what photos were not released(!) & which HK stars are missing in the scandal! Such stupid fans!

  15. DrFlippin :

    If U All think that this scandal is all about some HK star with a big dick doing all of the best looking HK starlets & having all of his photos stolen & put on the net; U R ALL DECEIVED. EEG & China Star Ent. grps are each run by powerful underworld gangs. All disgraced ppl in this scandal were EEG members. THIS WAS A DIRTY LITTLE HIT BY CHINA STAR'S GANGSTERS ON EEG/Albert Yeung. WAKE-UP; These Stars are manufactured & manipulated like string puppets… Hmm why no pics of intercourse? WAKE-UP!!

  16. Winkapot :

    Judging people isn't really my style. They did that in private without the intention of showing it to the world. Edison made the mistake, but I think he never intended for something like this to happen.

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