English listening comprehension | Listening practice

In this English listening comprehension lesson, you will have the opportunity to practice your listening skills by listening to the English article and then answering the questions.

The lesson has subtitles / closed captions in English and I will show you a transcript of the article after the listening comprehension exercise.

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  1. Crown Academy of English :

    IELTS online course with practice tests and ebook: http://bit.ly/2TOZ29K
    Online English lessons & speaking practice -> http://goo.gl/tZmah7

  2. i like butterflys :

    It's a very great video! Thank you, you have helped me a lot… Tomorrow I have got an Exam, (I am from Germany), so I hoped that I would find a video like this one…

  3. Stefanie :

    I have an english exam tomorrow and I really appreciate the effort but this is just too easy. In the exam the words of the article or interview are not exactly similar to those in the questions. So it's really more difficult… But thanks anyways 😅

  4. Brandon Miguel :

    Excellent video, since it shows us what are some important objectives for what it is to complete sentences and know how to pronounce them properly

  5. Jesús Fernández :

    It is an interesting article that is taken in this lesson of listening, the vocabulary is simple and easy to understand.

  6. Misael Chavez Villegas :

    It is a good video since the person who speaks it does it slowly and the pronunciation is much better understood therefore it is easier to understand.

  7. Gabriel Nantos :

    Excellent video, very good explanation on the subject, his way of saying the words makes one understand his pronunciation better

  8. hugo enguilo :

    Very good video to learn to listen, the person who speaks says the words slowly to understand the pronunciation, also gives the lesson so that it looks simple and does not cause any problems.

  9. genaro lisandro ramirez agilar :

    I like the vocabulary that I occupy simple and I also like the way to explain and how we can use the comparatives and how we can ask questions

  10. MyTuner Lock :

    You are the best Andrew. The first time that I listened some video like "Listening Excercise", I did not understand very much, but now I just hear, and so, I listen better a lot of words. This happens thanks to you because you have got a very clear voice and, most important thing, you have got a very different speed of speaking.Thank you very much.

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