For the FIRST TIME in a VERY LONG TIME | One Piece Discussion

For the FIRST TIME in a VERY LONG TIME | One Piece Discussion

One Piece Discussion:
For most of the arc’s in One Piece, both pre and post time skips, I usually put the anime on a lower rung than the manga. The One Piece anime has GREAT moments from time to time but usually, the anime tends to fall short compared to the manga…….. until THIS ARC!

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  1. DyranLK :

    Whole Cake in the anime was already amazing and arguably superior to the manga.The musical scenes, the upgraded animation, ugh so gud.

  2. boa hancock :

    Only problem with anime is removing impact of some scenes like Kaido entering from sky has more impact in manga than showing him transforming first,Weird red aura of luffy,luffy struggling to pick a stone in Odon prison,Odens face and silhouette,Ashura struggling against Jack and of course batman sceneP.S. Orochi's voice also took me by surprise

  3. Blair Manuel-Rogers :

    Hey KOL I was doing some reading and believe I found the inspiration of Oden which is to say Oden Could also be The Witching Hour Boy. Please look into and read about Ishikawa Goemom and how he was Boiled Alive alongside his son. Oda… peep the hair.

  4. Anees Qureshi :

    Shanks is Rocks D Xebec sonGarp & Roger : Killed his father.Whitebeard say : he remember his scar when he see shanks face.Kaido : didn't fight him ? Because he is son of his old captain.At war senguko said he give body of ace and WB because it was shanks because of her mother celestial dragon.Shanks can goto holy land and no one catch him and listen to him because of his mother ?

  5. Borna Jelic :

    Kinda shame that this MAJESTIC voice is wasted on Orochi.. Should've been Im-s voice or, that LURKING LEGENED.. my god what a voice

  6. Farmer Frank :

    Some Yakusa use black lipstick and/or black nail polish on their pinky nail to identity themselves as YakuzaI was Aw, Orochi sounding like Tekkings rendition would have been funny…oh welMagna shows a panel of Zoro standing next to the Tiger on the ground with its sword nearby so it was a skipped fight in the MagnaConsidering Oda does Anime exclusives like G-8 Arc, Rookie Arc, Movie tie ins, and Millinial Dragon Arc and Toei has access to his notebooks and Story boards to "fill in the gaps" Oda didn't have the Space or time to Draw,Magna only snobs are denying themselves Anime Exclusive content as ALL "filler" is directly from the full story board or notebooks and/or got Oda's approval making all the Anime content "official" and "Cannon" unlike other Anime (Oda has a Iron grip on his franchise concerning Anime,Movies,data books,official merchy,vivrie cards,etc …it all only happens via Oda's will….including Batman vs Luffy..noting Luffy wasn't serious even when he eventually casually dropped a huge vat of water on him)

  7. Sitting Joker MPEGK :

    You forgot to add how speed and tama tanked the flame breath of Kaido, but hey, now it's Laido so it makes sense 😉

  8. nickylows :

    Haven't watched the anime since Zou arc but that filler Tiger with sword that Zoro fought was straight copied from Dark Souls lol

  9. minch333 :

    I dunno. I've tried to watch a bit of the wano anime. I watched the sumo fight, for one, and it took this fun little scene and turned it into an insufferable purgatory of two pairs of arms pushing against each other for 20 minutes whilst cutting back and forth between two grimacing faces.

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