Sexy asian model Ai Shinozaki’s edited video of moi for my fair use of her video : )
No copyright infringement intended of my video of Ai Shinozaki. I love her & all those videos of asian models that I made here in my channel. : )


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  1. John Lindgren :

    Correction: I wrote that the Japanese May have come from central Cuba, should read central China. Before that up the Silk Road to south of the Baltic region.

  2. John Lindgren :

    Dear Miss Ai ShinozakiGreetings. The professor was walking along the beach when he noticed you were with a dozen or so of your friends. Everyone was dressed and drinking wine or something. Guess what he happened to have a present. A suspenders bikini about 4 inches wide but very loose. He was wondering if everyone has read Douglas Dietrichs info online. No, not really (they like Ais huge boobs more). He has some interesting information now. The Reptillian Race Identified. Some looked bored or sleepy at that point. He quoted some scripture such as Isaiah showing how the Nephillim (fallen Angels) mixed with the children of Israel after the Exodus. The Great Flood wiped them away but they came back. Shem and Japheth were twins – ver tall with blond hair and blue eyes. They were from 7 to 9 feet tall. The Smthsonian Institute goes around confiscating giant skeletons such as these or the bad Nephilim who were even taller. It has been said that they are dumped into the Atlantic or the basement never to be seen again. The Nephilim would mix with the original children of Shem and Japheth. The liked to move next to their seed. They may have been attracted by the beauty of the women – tall and buxom. See Israeli-News Live for the quotes and so forth. See my article The Children of El (God). Later everyone went to his apartment and continued on. Miss Ai put on the bikini but had to hold it against her chest so her big boobs did not pop out in front of everyone. She had to try to stay awake. There must have been 75 to 100 people there. Were did every one come from? So Israel became mixed with the Hittite the Perizites etc. look up a depiction of a Hittite. See prof Sayces book Races of the Old Testsment. The modern German, even the northern Germans are not directly related to this early race . See Marina Gimbutas. The Baltic states and possibly Finland are more directly related to these Cri-Magnons. But the have been mixed with the Mongolians, Slavs etc in the last several thousand years etc. What is the origin of the Japanese? They may have come from Cenral Cuba and before up the Silk Road to the region south of the Baltic’s. Everyone was more concerned with Miss Ais big boobs. The host of Israeli Live news mentioned the thousands of Latina children separated from their parents. Do they eat them? He asked. He mentioned 1,000 Palestinian children arrested every year. The modern State of Israel is a Love Child of Lord Rothschild he said. Yes that is true. Later everyone was happy the talk was over, but they were hoping Miss Ais big boobs would come out of her bikini. Later every one went home.

  3. Joni KR :

    HOW IS POSSIBLE THIS JAPANESE BITCH BEING SO FUCKIN' HOT??? I mean seriously her face, skin, voice and especially those huge tits are perfect, I'm thinking she is an angel or something 😕

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