How Did You Know You Were Bisexual? • In The Closet

“A lot of people just assume I’m straight”

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Có 45 bình luận trên “How Did You Know You Were Bisexual? • In The Closet

  1. Jacob Smith :

    I went to rehab for meth use to sell my sexuality to men. I'm so much better. I was confused. Traumatized as a child. I came out to my mom about everything, she got me the help I needed. My family pulled together for the first time to send me where I needed to go. I had a spiritual experience where I released my trauma, guilt, pain and shame back to the Devine. I'm still closet with my friends but I was out to everyone at rehab and my family. It's so freeing. I've been told Im gay by gay men and straight by women. There are plenty of sexy women and men. I prefer women, but Tom Holland boy's are fine, no lie. I've come love myself for my pain has made me stronger. I hate the effeminance of alot of gay and bi men. I like men to be masculine and women to be feminine. Though that said, some trans people are very hot. I never have but so would. I have a girlfriend I've loved for four years, but I had a crush on boy at rehab. I noticed the other men, but found them gross. He was different to me, the hair on his legs was nice but the hair on the other mens legs was gross. So I had to face it, and that was when I excepted my bisexuality. I'm so glad to not feel that weight, and to get intenseive inpatient therapy for my childhood. It was more like a summer camp. If you're struggling help is out there. Well thats my story. Thank you for reading if you made it here. Love is the essence of our being.

  2. PatricRuss :

    If I was in a heterosexual relationship, ppl will assume I'm straight and if I was in a homosexual relationship ppl will assume I'm gay. Society sucks!

  3. death is inevitable so look at memes. :

    I don't know about y'all but my bisexuality is basically i love all women, a handful of real men and like 500 anime men lol

  4. Alo Rmz :

    I've been told by LGBTQ+ friends that me being Bi doesnt count as much as they do…. Honestly I was disapointed because I felt like I would be more acepted by them

  5. Sadie Maher :

    I have the answer. We just know. We were born this way. Now stop saying "Are you sure?" or "How can you tell" or "You'll grow out of it".

  6. Ceinwen Cooke :

    I dont know if I'm bi because I've always liked guys, well admitted to liking guys, but I've always loved the idea of having a girlfriend. I really need help 😂

  7. Yunmi :

    I don’t know if I’m straight or gay like I would date a guy or girl but I want to eventually Marry a man when I’m older, but I feel romantically and sexually forwards guys and girls. Sorry for my English but I hope someone can help me to understand how I’m feeling

  8. Jasmine Puente :

    Bisexual is defined as attraction to 2 or more gender identities, one does not have to be your own gender, but it can be, just in case anyone was wondering

  9. Rebel Kramer :

    I don't know why this is on my feed I am a lesbian I don't date bisexuals mainly because my ex girlfriend lied and said she was gay hmm if you have a child with a guy your bisexual you moron I WILL NEVER DATE BISEXUALS OR MEN EVER

  10. Moonlight babe :

    I knew that because I don't find almost any guys attractive I was probably gay but I do find guys cute and don't mind dating them but I've never really had any big crushes on guys. But there's so many girl I find attractive and have the urge to kiss and that's when I realized I'm bi (liking girls more then guys but still liking guys somewhat)

  11. unknown unknown :

    I'm sorry but if you prefer girls and only date girls how are you bisexual.Sure you can think a guy is good looking but that's not the same as ( I want to find out if he's good in bed).

  12. Charlotte Tam :

    are bisexual heteroromantics valid? bc the title fits me. but im too "bi" to be straight but to "straight" to be bi. i cant choose between straight and bi curious. or just straight who liked kissing a girl. and who would do it again. i feel invalid. im so confused please give me advice

  13. Alo Rmz :

    I'm bi,and I used to work at a gay bar …and my lesbian and gay coworkers would ask me if I was confused or just half assing it, Like they said I wasnt staight enough but I wasnt gay enough…jeez.

  14. imma duck :

    Hello there, I'm a bisexuall teenage girl, and I'm not out to my parents and I would like some tips on how to come out to them.

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