Kingdom Manga Chapter 632 Live Reaction | キングダム

Kingdom Manga Chapter 632 Live Reaction | キングダム

Kingdom Manga Chapter 632. The Western Zhao Invasion Arc.

Volume 58 –
-Western Zhao Invasion Arc
Chapter 632: Rejoining The Fight
(Shin wakes up surrounded by everyone. Karyo Ten gives Shin a hug. Shin notices Kyou Kai still knocked out. Kyou Kai is in a white space where she and Shounee talk about the change in her power going forward. Kyou Kai wakes up. Mouten and Ouhon show up to see what is going on. Shin asks what happened while he was out and Mouten informs him of Zhao’s retreat. Qin can celebrate. Everyone waits for the new order to head to Gyou and chase after Riboku.)


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  1. TomSuperOmega :

    They still have Retsubi, which Shunsuiju is held up at; strengthening the city that was a liability to Qin the first time they actually settled inside…So when Ou Sen gives the order, they should be able to go after Riboku and YoTa Wa should be in well organized preparation for when that does come. It may have been a while since we've seen them, but they're more than rested, and eaten food.. I'd say they are more raring to pounce when the time is ripe…Plus YoTanWa & Kitari called it with their six sense when it became the 15th day. I'm looking forward to the next chapter, when the order is to move out.

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