KJ Smith's Flawless Nighttime Skincare Routine For Acne-Prone Skin! | Hot Girl Style

BET ‘Sistas’ star, KJ Smith, shows you how to get flawless, smooth skin with her nighttime skincare routine! Smith gets unready and takes off the day while revealing her skincare routine for acne-prone skin. #AtHomeSkincareRoutine #SkincareRoutine


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Có 31 bình luận trên “KJ Smith's Flawless Nighttime Skincare Routine For Acne-Prone Skin! | Hot Girl Style

  1. Shaquana Davis :

    3 in1 cream cleanser to remove makeup (any kind should work)Cotton rounds Spinbrush ( any kind will work )Witch hazelJojoba oil and q tips to remove lashesNeutrogena face wash(orange kind)to remove oil Tea tree oil for a breakout Urban rx face night moisturizing cream y'all are welcome

  2. Brenda Richard :

    Your skin is so beautiful and the fact that what you used doesn’t cost very much. Truly appreciate that ! If you like jazz. Please check out this young man name Riley Richard. He plays the saxophone 🎷 his song captive me went number #1on billboard and stay for 3 weeks… he’s played with Boney James, Najee and many others… you can YouTube Riley Richard and you will see his video and many of his other songs that he has made and also went billboard.Riley Richard is a young man who’s trying to make a name for himself!! Please take a little of your time to listen to his song. Please support him by telling others to listen to his songs and hit like!!! You can also see him playing with Najee…. one of the song Najee is on stage playing I bet you don’t know what’s going on. Then he calls my son out to play…. the other time is where my son was introduce to Najee and was ask to come up on the stage and play… he truly impressed Najee so much that he was asked to go to Africa with him to do a show!!! After that Riley has done many shows with Najee…. you can also look at his Facebook page… it’s… RileyBrandiRichard…. please let me know how you like his song… thank you.

  3. Andrea Wingo :

    KJ you are so pretty. I can watch up every day. You don't need makeup but you are an actress so I get it. At least you clean your face and exfoliate.

  4. Mad About Skin :

    Gorgeous video and your skin is stunning so i am your newest subscriber.. I also have a skincare channel too so check it out and let me know what you think of it.. Looking forward to your next video already x

  5. Carmen Bennett :

    I like the fact that she said she doesn’t buy expensive skincare products to have healthy skin, that she drink lots of H2O annnnnd she use the same Witch Hazel toner as I do, Yayyyyyyy👊🏾❤️👏🏾👏🏾

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