Lady Gaga – iTunes Festival Rehearsal SEX DREAMS Live





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  1. Alex :

    These stems and raw beats make the whole spice of the song. I love it, wish this rehearsal full version would be an official release.

  2. Esteban Gualteros Escandon :

    Even today, 6 years later, I keep listening to this version, this awesome and addicted version. The first time I heard Sex Dreams it was an experience out of this world! It felt so fresh and thought it was going to be one of the best songs on ARTPOP, unfortunately I do not understand why Gaga and her team changed all the essence of this song in the studio version, the instrumental, the bridge, even the speed is not the same! The vocals feels overproduced and they removed all the magic and sensuality of the demo. The album version is irritating and the only part that matters are the backs voices they added in the choir, but the rest is disappointment, sadly one of the worst decisions of this era. And worse, it's the same case with MANiCURE, ARTPOP, Jewels N' Drugs, and Swine: THE iTUNES FESTIVAL VERSIONS WERE DOPE!!!

  3. AJH219 :

    Back when I thought ARTPOP was going to be a stunning work of art. Instead we got a collection of mostly mediocre material. Sigh, the era that could have been.

  4. Joane German :

    I'd like it to be the video of the entire song! It's so beautiful! And the instrumental version with acustic , it's just amazing!!! 💖 We Love You Lady Gaga!💖QUEEN👑

  5. Anton Iskra :

    I think that true ARTPOP existed during 2012-September 2013 when she was actually writing it with all that demos, ideas, etc. But later she absolutely changed the original concept. She killed those amazing demos, she killed that XXI Century Disney Princess on drugs. After September 2013 songs were heavily overproduced. New mastering killed all the pain and futurism of ARTPOP demos. I still wish to hear all of them. By what we have now (Sex Dreams demo, MANiCURE demo, Mary Jane Holland demo) we can see, that they are not just better. They are the REAL ARTPOP. Yes, album itself is titled ARTPOP, but it's only a title, not more.

  6. Ali Göküş :

    This is so saddening she hadn't released this version or made the complete song like this version. Those parts on the cd version like "u were in my" just irritating.

  7. Erich Johnson :

    Ithink this is so much better than original , DJWS said they have 5 finished versions for Sex Dreams. I need it leak !!!

  8. Teera Xo :

    This was released before the album came out so they tuned the vocals down so the actual song wouldn't be heard until she performed it.

  9. adua78 :

    The problem with Artpop was not the songs.  The songs were GREAT.  The problem was the production.  This live instrument version of Sexxx Dreams KILLS the album version because it's so raw and real.  Gaga needs to rely less on DJ's to produce her sound and start including more live instrumentation.  She can make a great pop album without it being completely electronic and over produced.

  10. Filip JT :

    I know she can't touch the app for legal reasons, but she needs to try and release a live/rock/raw version of the album on it!

  11. David James :

    to be honest, i love this version. the studio is good too, but take the studio lyrics and use this type of beat and ugh it would've slayed harder than it is now. 

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