Natasha Henstridge – A Few Steamy Scenes From "Widow On The Hill"

Natasha stars as a nurse who cares for a dying woman and ultimately marries her rich widower (James Brolin) – In this movie, Natasha looks as beautiful and sexy as ever… or perhaps the sexiest ever? – You decide! – In any case, thank you Canada for creating Natasha…! Thank you! – She’s a Beauty Masterwork! – How’s the movie? – Very good!


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  1. Bablu Yadav :


  2. lucous lenard :

    John Emerson '' don't make me hurt !! i remember a john who !? as told to me by others as well ! ? are you gonna make me wait like the rest !? /someone is tring to get your attention !-JOHN – IM NOT THE ONLY ONE ! WHAT IS WITH YOU /IF U FIND THESE WORDS INAPROPIATE /OPPS THEN MAKE A CONPLAINT !!OPPS ERROR REMEMEMBER A SEXY JOHN WITH HUMOUR!!IIIIII!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 /DARE YOU ON JOHN YOU NO LONGER IN THE GR——-W -IT SEEMS PROVE ME WRONG THESE DARING WORD I SAY /FRIEND😭🆗


    You mean they make teapots like those again?Girlfriend even got the TEAPOT steaming!!!!Fifty Shades can't even scratch the surface of this.

  4. lucous lenard :

    at 57seconds in she looks alot like cameron diaz ''' but really natasha henstridge ofcourse hot HOT still at 42 here😘😘😘😘😘😎

  5. lucous lenard :

    hey john ,, it would be a great pleasure to all if we saw clips of her boobs in speices man'' Great movie clip here though showing she's still can run a man temperture up 👏👍

  6. Walter Manfred :

    A very underrated actress mainly due to the movie Species gratuitous sex (of which I am very very appreciative). Natasha is sizzling hot babe who always lights up the screen in every scene that she is in. Thanks for another ode to beautiful screen Goddess.

  7. Malcolm Cossar :

    I have scene these scenes several times over the last several yrs and they NEVER get tiring!When Ms Henstridge takes off the coat,OMG!Sexy beyond words!And I just Love how she seduced the ranch foreman into not telling James Brolin about her other roll in the hay!Even he could not resist that Sexy Body!Then I think most of us guys couldn't or wouldn't either!😉😋😍

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