Pirates Of The Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales (Ending Scene After credits)

Pirates Of The Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales/Salazar’s Revenge (Ending Scene After credits) 2017.
The special scene after the credits, at the end of the movie. This leads up to a character we know from earlier Pirates movies, that might be returning due to all the curses being broken. Will being released from the Dutchman, probably making the first Captain of that ship, the Captain once more. DAVY JONES. Making me so excited! Being reborn or returned in some way. We will probably be told how, when the next movie comes out.
Leading up to the sequel Pirates Of The Caribbean 6.

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  1. Cookies & Things :

    I love how after will awakes from his nightmare the first thing he does is checks on Elizabeth then hugs her to make himself feel safe

  2. i'm only here for the beer :

    I would love if Davy Jones would come back in the next movie. And the plot would be something like this: Davy would come back and wants revenge and tries to kill Will. And Will fights back, but is stabbed in the stomach by Davy. But not fatally. And Davy is then distracted by something, so Will can escape, along with Elizabeth and Henry. And they manage to get on a ship, before they set out to find Jack. And while Elizabeth takes care of a wounded Will, Henry manages to find Jack and tells him, what's happened. Although Jack is a bit reluctant to help the Turners, he has a change of heart, when he meets Will and Elizabeth again and agrees to help them kill Davy Jones once and for all.

  3. Daisy Huxley :

    I never saw this bit, and when I saw this video I was like "Ohhhhh Cheese balls DAVEY JONES IS BACK NOW THERE IS PROBABLY GONNA BE A NEW PIRATES IN THE CARIBBEAN" I can't wait😂😂

  4. BMT115 :

    Honestly I think barbossa should be captain of the Flying Dutchman since he’s always loved the sea and seems to have always planned dying in it. My question is everyone obviously aged 20 years here but jack didn’t, in fact he seems to look younger every film…

  5. Uh Oh It’s The Number 3 :

    The Dutchman and the Crew are what is cursed, Not Jones – Why? Because Jones was never officially considered “Cursed” he was given the Dutchman by Calypso, Calypso SEN’T Jones on the duty to help those who have died at Sea. Either Poseidon’s Trident is resurrecting Those Who are NOT Cursed (which is the dumbest thing I could think of) OR It is resurrecting the Cursed And The Ones Who Help the Sea (Davy Jones’ Role of helping those who have died at Sea). So Perhaps, Davy Jones was meant to never die, perhaps he just needs to find his place and find out how seriously important Calypso’s Job is. But I highly think these are not true lol

  6. Daniboi277 :

    So the third pirates was a waste of time, this has pissed me off abit, I absolutely love Davy Jones, but why does he have to return, it's pointless now because it's now telling us that he'll never truly be gone, it'll just be a back and forth deal if they bring back his heart as a plot again

  7. GRasputin91 :

    This doesnt make sense. All curses are broken, that means the curse of the Dutchman should be broken too. So why is ole Davy back in his Cthulhu form?

  8. Nika Nika :

    What if it’s Barbosa? Just thinking they stabbed the heart of Davey Jones, Will took over in order to keep him alive. Barbosa “dies” at sea while Will comes home. Is it possible The Dutchman claims Barbosa as it’s Captain!? Time will tell. If they ever make another movie.

  9. Jacob Collins :

    Why didnt the flying dutchman return in the end to fight Salazar's ship to help Jack? That was a huge missed opportunity.

  10. Krillin The Villain :

    Calypso once stated that she can revive the dead, like with barbosa, so when will was rid of the curse calypso's curse she imprinted on the Dutchman must've revived Jones. Since the Dutchman must always have a captain. Davy Jones originally was bound with this curse so if the Dutchman ever loses its captain he will serve no matter what.

  11. L :

    Ohhhhhhhhh I have ideas So what if in potc 6 poisidin is the main villain and he is angry because barbossa broke his trident? If Davy Jones is back that means that the dutchmen MUST have a captain and it is not a curse but a Rule? Maybe even we can see posiden and cypiso together

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