Range Rover Autobiography LWB | Vossen VFS-1 | Vossen Russia

Is there anything meaner that a black Range Rover on matte graphite Vossen VFS-1 wheels? Vossen Russia recently was in Miami for a visit and dropped this jewel off for us, a new Autobiography LWB (Long-Wheelbase) Land Rover Range Rover on our flow formed VFS-1 wheels. With even more room and luxury before the 2015 model is arguably the best SUV you can buy on the market today. This is how they roll in Russia, which is right up our alley!

Video Produced by Vossen Russia

Vossen Russia

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    Hi…nice video…please put the wheel size in your vids description…It be cool to know the rim size as wheel proportion is key in the overall look of a car…thanks all.

  2. i'm from Russia :

    Я уже по атмосфере подумал,незнай Россия,а потом смотрю и номера наши 😀

  3. ZaebalEtotYoutub :

    Мусорские номера на авто. Какой-нибудь мусор (или личинка мусора) наворовал теперь хвастается. Снято бесвкусно.

  4. locstar77 :

    I like the new range rovers but those rims just weren't big enough for that truck.. pretty odd.. u guys usually get the rims just the right size and fit to make the nice cars they are on even nicer but this doesn't unfortunately..

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