Reading 177013 for the First Time

Satumi reads Metamorphosis for the first time. Well he reads Emergence for the plot this time.

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Welcome to Satumi the Neet Season 4: The Yuru Saga

Neet Reviews are short review parodies in which I judge an entire anime based on one episode. Since you can’t judge an anime by one episode.I don’t actually review the anime at all instead I look into it’s many themes that the anime has to offer even though it’s not the what the original creator intended.

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  1. Ryu Escudero :

    Saki slowly dying thinking to herself "Im sorry for being a bad mom" While she was crying in the bathroom stall, she hears a voice… OOOIIIIIIIIII JOOSSSUKKEEEE

  2. Dejan Andric :

    This website's comments are the pinnacle of human evolution:eldermaxon11 months, 4 weeks agoNow that I’ve got PTSD and have used up all my tissues I just want to say that this should not be classed as pornography more as a pice of art. I spent a year and a half in high school analysing of mice and men, and learned nothing apart from how my I hate of mice and men. But this is a heart wrenching story, with a lot of life lessons and hidden meanings. When I was in school the police would come in and say don’t do drugs and be careful who you trust. But nobody really cared, if they showed this it would work 1000% better than anything the British government could come up with. I hope she could rest in peace.——-All of the fetishes12 months agoHah. I'd f*uck her ki*d.

  3. Laza Lantin :

    I want to beat up everyone in that doujin who dared to lay a hand on her or used her. From those kids in school, her father, her wimpy "boyfriend"/pimp to everyone else. The people at the end who stomped on her belly and killed her baby included of course.Then get Saki away from everyone, hug her head, cuddle her, wipe her tears off and then kiss her forehead. As long as she genuinely wants. Poor girl. She just wanted to be accepted and to be loved.The part at the end where she looks in the mirror with the broken glasses and cries actually made me tear up a bit.

  4. Arthur Mota :

    In the end Kiryu and Majima punch the hell out of those teenagers before they could beat her and help her to get her life straight. That is the real ending,we both know I'm lying,but trust me,it is the real ending.

  5. Anxious ジ :

    man i really regretted reading this i can't get it off my f head like ahhhHHH and the fact the comment is all about josuke is funny XD still i can't get this shit off my head bruh

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