Sex after 50! Deal with Menopause in the Bedroom using these Sex Tips for Women Over 50!

Join us for some great sex tips for women over 50. Menopause in the bedroom is a challenge and can get in the way of sex after 50. Our expert today is Stacey Rae Berkheimer, National Director with Pure Romance, and she is going to talk with us about better sex after 50, sex and menopause, and what you can do to start enjoying sex again after 50!

Stacey Rae Berkheimer and Pure Romance have been helping couples enjoy better sex after 50 for a long time. Contact Stacey directly at

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Có 10 bình luận trên “Sex after 50! Deal with Menopause in the Bedroom using these Sex Tips for Women Over 50!

  1. Broncort1 :

    My wife's 56 and her vag is just as pretty and fun as it was when she was 30. Requires a little more "work" post menopausal, but it actually made our sex life more interesting.

  2. Skye Phoenix :

    I'm 54 and I have no problem with lubrication or using vibrators. Penetration feels good… but I'm having trouble reaching orgasm.. and when I do the feeling is nothing compared to what it used to be. I'm also taking antidepressants. I'm wondering if the antidepressants may be to blame instead of the menopause.

  3. BC :

    Women are not sexual, they are materialistically oriented. The materialistic side of things NEVER goes away for women. Ever. They are biologically tuned into that. Sad but true. Very flat and boring but it's how the clock works for them. Cash is the biggest aphrodisiac.

  4. Jason S :

    Have her shaking and asking for more intercourse as long as you want, google Winestols Orgasm Secret to learn how. Thousands of couples have taken their orgasms to the next level 🙂

  5. Heidi Pastore :

    Why not let nature take its course and just not have sex if you don't feel like it. I am baffled how women make this an issue. The only reason to keep forcing yourself to have sex when you don't really feel like it is so that your man won't cheat on you. And I think it's pitiful to keep sacrificing your body just to keep some douche bag around that's going to cheat on you anyway. Tip: if you're not horny, don't have sex!

  6. Debbie Ballard :

    Why not just call it quits. I mean at that point you have been married for many years, there are many more things you can do to be intimate

  7. bluesageful :

    Thank you so much for this video! But let me tell you my experience.I'm 55 now, but It started with a drop in sex drive around 53. But also, dryness and sadly 'urgent bladder syndrome' So, I educated myself & an amazing thing happened!…..I ordered a dildo & vibrator on line, started using certain herbs known to enhance your libido & started masturbating achieving orgasm when an amazing thing happened! I did a COMPLETE turn around….my sex drive is back, I am getting 'wet' again, and the bladder problem went away!!!! Education ladies, and don't be afraid to EXPLORE your bodies. I am a total believer in the magic of the 'Big O' !

  8. Bondservant X :

    I am a man dealing with my wife having a complete hysterectomy. The pain, discomfort has begun to shut her down. We used to go at it as teens. Is lube a key? She still has no internal orgasims. Help?

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