Should You Have Sex in High School?

Does it make you a nerd if you’re not having sex when you’re a teenager? Or are you slut/player if you do? Thoughts on teenage sexual escapes, how I came to my decision and how you can make your own!

QUESTION: What are your sex questions? (Please be nice to me. I’m not a doctor, counselor, or expert.)

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  1. kelman727 :

    I didn’t. Not because of religion or anything like that. Just never…happened.Objectively was this for the better? Probably: no risk of STD or pregnancy, no distractions. But it’s not the objective scale of things that keeps you awake at night.

  2. Sailor Barsoom :

    "Should You Have Sex in High School?"No, you should have sex in a motel, like normal people. There's little privacy at high school and you would likely distract other students from their studies.It's fine if you don't have sex when you're a teenager. It's fine if you do have sex when you're a teenager. Having sex does not make you a good or a bad person."You're not the same person at 16 as you are at 26."This is true. You're also not the same person at 26 as you are at 36, which is why you have to be at least 35 to be President. But then again, you're REALLY not the same person at 16 as you are at 6, and too many of us adults want to pretend that you are. Probably, you can decide for yourself at 16 whether or not you want to have sex. Probably, you weren't mature enough to make that decision when you were 6. Sorry to any six-year-olds who are reading this who I may have offended, but that's my take on things.

  3. FEIDEX :

    No you dont have to ask you parents jut looks thing up in internet what is interesting you and all tjat std shit is bulshit if you have sex whit persong that takes cere of him selfe dot vory bouth it

  4. Wandering Weirdly :

    I only had sex for the first time when I was 19, then a lot during my university years and after that, but it always ended up bringing some sort of drama into my life, so I decided to stop having sex when I was 27. It's been a year and a half and while I do miss it sometimes, I must say my interpersonal relationships have never been more relaxed. I'm not saying I won't have sex again, but it's definitely not controlling my life as much as it used to when I was younger.

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