Silvers RAYLEIGH vs Kozuki ODEN | One Piece Discussion

Silvers RAYLEIGH vs Kozuki ODEN | One Piece Discussion

One Piece Chapter 965 will not be out until next week..maybe so let’s talk about a matchup I see happening in the future. Silver Rayleigh vs Kozuki Oden…Who is stronger?

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  1. RYIUN :

    This fandom aldo thought that hakuba was stronger than zoro during the dressrosa's colloseum part… Oden is getting hyped right now, but he also got "one-shot" out of comission by a casual attack from gold roger… If you compare roger to luffy and raileygh to zoro, you can already tell by the narrative that they werent far apart in power enough for roger to defeat him so casually… I'm 120% sure rayleigh was well stronger than oden, even though oden was a beast

  2. DeAnthony Patton :

    Rayleigh > oden but its not disrespectful to put them together. Oden was portrayed as a monster who pushed wb to have great pirate status and roger to pk status. This isn't something you can just over look, the guy was really strong just not stronger than rayliegh.

  3. SouriX :

    Rayleigh for sure, he have been through with roger since day one of their journey.. so probably hes the one who always 1 step closer to the king.. oden is just wild and lack of experience in my opinion..

  4. Wahyu Triatmojo :

    Min, as can be understood later, Whitebeard will fight against Gold D Roger if Whitebeard loses, he will surrender Oden "and if he sees the plot Whitebeard is certain to lose because Oden will participate in Gold D Roger's journey later".But if you see the figure of Oden who has a "strong determination and a free stance", Oden will definitely oppose Whitebeard's request which is certain to lose the fight against Gold D Roger.It is certain that Oden will fight / fight to determine his own destiny.Now the person who is very suitable against Oden is Silver Rayleigh, although again "Oden is certain to lose the battle against Silver Rayleigh.If indeed later the battle between Oden and Silver Rayleigh occurs will certainly be very exciting also awaited."Because I am curious about Silver Rayleigh's strength and fighting abilities while still being fierce"And can Silver Rayleigh's sword be able to withstand the power of "Emma & Ame no Habakiri" ???I am also curious about the sword owned by Silver Rayleigh, whether the sword has a name & how is the quality "and whether the sword is an ordinary sword" ???

  5. Narek TheShow :

    Something is telling me that in a fight between Oden and Kaido, Oden lost because someone poisoned him 🤔 any thoughts?

  6. Armon Soregaw :

    It's a interesting match up but still Rayliegh will still win the dark king is a jack of all trade he is excellent both sword and combat fighting. While Oden is only use sword to fight opponent.

  7. Felix Aduba :

    Rayleigh and Scopper Gaban was part of Roger crew when they fought and defeated Rocks pirates. So these people are already Rogers top fighters before WB even formed his own crew and recruited Oden

  8. Foosey Monie :

    Remember, when wb and Roger was talking he told him they're calling him gold instead of gol dat flashback prolly coming up soon

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