Spider Sex Dangerous For Some

The longer a male Australian redback spider woos the female, the better chance she won’t eat him the first time they mate. James Williams explores this tangled web of poisonous spider sex.

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  1. Jack Doe :

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  2. Twój Stary Najebany :

    Kocur wideo, pająk śmiga jak należy gała ojebana potem frendzla do nory i sieka. Wole oglądać jak się walą konie lub psy ale miałem smaka na coś z dreszczem emocji. Nie zawiodłem się, super film.

  3. Murch and Dice :

    Girlfriends when they say "i want you for a snack"Humans: insert happy pikachu faceSpiders: insert sad graffiti bear with rain

  4. One-Hundredd™ :

    So he does a dance on her web and if he misses a step or gets off key or not on time,she will kill him…if he does it right,he just earned some sex.,.interesting…. In real life it be kinda weird if women made us dance to get laid and if we do it wrong they chop our balls off. Lol

  5. King of All Pokemon :

    Isn't that just like a female, always taking advantage of the male?!? LOL! P.S. I'm not sexist — but SEXY! 😉

  6. Tai Do :

    If the same things with humans i would kill them my dad has a shot gun and sniper note to self all u girls or women ur suckers and bitchses

  7. Tai Do :

    First male spider: hay babe whats sup ready to mate again
    Second male spider: lets do it
    Female spider: nom nom nom
    Seond male spider: x x doesn t matter had sex

  8. infinitecanadian :

    First male spider: *dances*
    Second male spider: 'Heh, heh , heh'
    First male spider: 'FFFFFFFUUUUUUU…'
    Female spider: 'Yum, a tasty meal'
    Second male spider: 'FFFFFFFUUUUUUU…'

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