TEST: How to Use the Conditional Tense | English Grammar with TV Series

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Có 43 bình luận trên “TEST: How to Use the Conditional Tense | English Grammar with TV Series

  1. Super Mario :

    In 3rd conditional, in the main cluase it's not present perfect, it's called perfect infinitive If it was present perfect we would make sentences like this: If Ross hadn't said the wrong name at his third wedding, his wife Emily wouldn't has left him. But, of course, it should be …. wouldn't have left him. Just saying… 🙂

  2. Simon Stamm :

    hello in the example from fiends : If you wanted to punish them, you should have just made them hang out there…. shouldn't we have said you should have make (would + have +infinitif) ? thanks I am confused

  3. Muslim Rofiqi :

    omg this is best….but my problem are always with.. tenseits quite simple… yes..i know the tense. i can tell that "this is past tense, this is present, this is future, bla bla bla"i just confused when i try to use tense.i dont know how, when, where to use it.example:you are wrong, you were wrongpresent and past… i know. but i have no idea when i use the present, when i use the past. 😭😭😭

  4. Milena H :

    i have a question. the sentence "if we had lost, we would have made them……." they actually lost in the episode. I don't understand and I died of so much thinking

  5. Aman Kumar Kanth :

    Hey ethen i have got a doubt over there how could u use article a with awesome there should be an awesome i think . Clear my doubt bro

  6. Marco Lassandro :

    Thanks guys, conditionals can be really tricky. If I hadn't watched this lesson, I wouldn't have been so well-versed on that ! Anyway, If I can give you a small feedback, I prefer the smaller type of characters used in the previous lessons 🙂

  7. Salim DAHMANI :

    please here can i find episodes of friends and the big bang theory with english subs? thank you very mush for all your lessons

  8. betty huang :

    Loved this lesson! Thanks RealLife guys! The 3rd conditional is always got me, and your lesson just hit the spot!! Keep up the awesome work! Aww Yeah!

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