The Franky Family, Iceburg-san and the Magnificent Dock #1 | One Piece 231, 232 & 233 Reaction

The Franky Family, Iceburg-san and the Magnificent Dock #1 | One Piece 231, 232 & 233 Reaction

Episode 231 starts at 4:44
Episode 232 starts at 22:23
Episode 233 starts at 30:52

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Có 28 bình luận trên “The Franky Family, Iceburg-san and the Magnificent Dock #1 | One Piece 231, 232 & 233 Reaction

  1. Animaechan :

    Episode 231 starts at 4:44Episode 232 starts at 22:23Episode 233 starts at 30:52💕 Full Reaction (Patreon):💕 Animaeshop (new designs available now!):

  2. Dragawh :

    Hey Animaechan. I just want to let you know that you are really cool and awesome. Also people are "correcting" you? Jesus lol. People just need to relax a tad.

  3. Moneil Wisby :

    About Nami's 'flat face'. They do experiment with art styles now and again. Also, if I'm not mistaken these were some of the first HD episodes, and this was during the rise of CG. Maybe they were still getting used to how faces and colors would look? For example, I know that for anime in general the 'anime eyes' started changing a great deal once CG became available.

  4. Daniel B :

    The amount of gold/Cash they got Sounds about right If you Just Look at the Size of that bag they carried it in 🤔😁👍

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