Top 10 Best Sex Doll Brands of 2020 (TPE & Silicone)

The top 10 best sex doll brands 2020 including TPE and Silicone love dolls and sex robots.
Find Your Dream Doll:

Listed in Random Order (Not best to worst):
TPE Dolls:
1. WM Doll 0:05

2. Piper Doll 0:39

3. Doll-forever/Doll House 168 1:09

4. 6YE Premium 1:36

5. Irontech 2:00

6. YL Doll 2:18

Silicone Dolls:
7. Sino Doll 2:50

8. Sanhui 3:21

9. DS Doll (EXDOLL) 4:00

10. RealDoll 4:23

11. Gynoid (RZRDoll) 4:46

(Gynoid is still a relatively new company, with much to improve on)

Oops! I forgot all about JY Doll! (TPE):

Special Thanks (for some of the videos):
Fair Dolls:
Music: Ollie – MVP Part 2

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  1. CelesDolls :

    I hope you enjoy our list of Best Sex Doll Brands!
    Learn more at:

    Read the full description for links and timestamps.

  2. 陳文仕 :

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  3. Paw X Paw :

    I turned volume off once I saw and heard it was not going to be informative.. I have seen much better ones than these and bigger that actually look like adult women of 140, 158, 163, 165, 170 and even 175cm.. These in the video maybe adult but look either Japanese and or like young children so I am leaving @ 3:08 as it is making me feel sick.

  4. Seydou Soumaré :

    Yep, we're definitely living in a fascinating time :

  5. Krystian :

    who buy that expensive dolls. Its a joke. Only rich ones. For that amount of many i can go to XXX 50 times and choose diffrent girl

  6. Seth Walker :

    Be careful, once you take this step, regular girls will no longer be attractive to you. That's my only warning especially for guys that could normally only land a 7 and below. And never get caught with one or they will think you're nuts. Buy a gun safe and lock it up when you're away or have guests.

  7. Infj-t guy :

    Personally these girls r too perfect for me, I really hope we got decent sexbot by 2023 at least, ain't no doll gonna make me happy, I want an alternative to a human

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