Vietnamese Traditional Music 1

Center for Research and Development of National Music. Hanoi, Vietnam
Director – Mai Tuyet Hoa

Traditional Vietnamese music is highly diverse and syncretistic, combining native and foreign influences. Throughout its history, Vietnam has been most heavily impacted by the Chinese musical tradition, as an integral part, along with Korea, Mongolia and Japan.[1] The ancient Indochinese kingdom of Champa also had a very significant historical effect upon this music, because the Vietnamese court found it intriguing.
Nhã nhạc is the most popular form of imperial court music, specifically referring to the court music played from the Trần Dynasty to the very last Nguyễn Dynasty of Vietnam, being synthesized and most highly developed by the Nguyễn emperors. It is based on earlier Vietnamese imperial court music, its primary influences coming from Ming Dynasty’s imperial court and later the music of Champa. Along with nhã nhạc, the imperial court of Vietnam in the 19th century also had many royal dances which still exist to this day. The theme of most of these dances is to wish the kings longevity and the country wealth.

video by Antoni Ansarov


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  1. punk 2008 :

    The Wagakki band from Japan mixes traditional Japanese folk music with western, pop, rock, jazz, metal, etc. Is there any musicians in Vietnam mixing traditional Vietnamese folk music with western styles of music?

  2. Shit Multiverse :

    Reminds me so much of Beyond Good and Evil OST. That soundtrack was so amazingly done and inspired by so many different cultures.

  3. SxmpleAsh :

    The people who say that vietnamese people origin from chinese. I just wanna say that vietnamese origin was not from chinese people. Vietnamese people origin from the southern china and the chinese people came from the Hans. So vietnamese people are not chinese they are just decendants of southern china. And also, SOUTHERN CHINA DOESNT MEAN IT WAS CHINESE!

  4. ThanhThuy Nguyen :

    To the Chinese posters who insinuate or claim that Vietnam is a part of China: Vietnam today is a country of over 50 ethnic groups, including Champa and Khmer population, whose heritages are now parts of modern Vietnam, just like Vietnam Kinh people influenced by ancient China culture.However, there is a big difference between Ancient China and today China.Modern China is the geographical inheritance of Ancient China. This is akin to Italy and Greece being the geographical inheritances of ancient Roman and Hellenic culture & civilization. But Greco-Roman heritage doesn't exclusively belong to modern Italy and Greece. Ancient China to other countries in Sinosphere (including modern China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam) is like Greco-Roman heritage to the countries of Modern Europe. But each country in Sinosphere has forged her own identity over centuries. Today PRC China is not faithful to the Ancient China civilization that produced Lao Tzu and Kung Fu Tze whose philosophies are fundamentally based on humanism – opposite to modern CCP-controlled China that seeks to undermine, subvert, and subjugate Vietnam like an evil empire.So, yes the Kinh people of Vietnam are grateful to the ancient China civilization, but that has nothing to do with today evil China empire.A Vietnamese can love China culture and her glorious civilization, while disdain at the way PRC China robbed Vietnam territory (Spratly Island) and constantly undermines Vietnam economically. As a final note, Northern Kinh Vietnamese is genetically quite close to South China population, supporting evidence that Northern Vietnamese share the same heritage as the Yue people of ancient South China. The name Vietnam was chosen by Vietnam last dynasty, Nguyen dynasty was meant to imply that Vietnam was an inheritor of Nan Yue 南越, 204 BC (drawing irk from Manchu Qing dynasty even as they themselves weren't Han Chinese). Thus, Vietnam people have nothing against Chinese, just against the current PRC China government. Personally, I wish nothing more for China to return to her glorious and humane ancient root, being an enlightened democracy what will contribute to the peace of the World.

  5. Huang ZB :

    This is a localised version of Chinese music and all these musical instruments are copies of Chinese musical instruments.Vietnam was part of China for a thousand years and is part of the Sinospere which are made up of China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. Unless Vietnamese think they are the descendants of the old Hindu Champa Kingdom, otherwise they have to respect history and accept Chinese cultures as an important part of them. Vietnamese need to stop distorting facts and history to make themselves feel great.Vietnamese should feel proud they are part of the Sinospere which consist of East Asian countries when in fact Vietnam is physically part of South East Asia.

  6. steve driver :

    AMAZING instruments and beautifully played,, Beautifull ladies all enjoying their skills..This is peacefull and tranquill,,, and Led Zepelin cant play this one,, BEAUTIFULL.

  7. Kênh Giải Trí Tổng Hợp :

    Chinese said: Everything on the world from China, China is the best, china made everything Lol :))Everything else I do not know, but the only thing I know China doing best is making fakes

  8. Landon Zhang :

    Vietnam's music did get influenced by us,but I think this is not a drawback . Just like “Zither”,even this instrument originated in China,but Vietnam Korea Japan all have their own style zither . Just because we for countries are very close geographically, culture diffusion cannot be avoided . However this diffusion actually has less disadvantages,u all absorbed our positive culture and remained your own original culture didn't it?

  9. J.K. Curry :

    I love Vietnamese music. I play it in my MS art classes for my students as it is very relaxing and gets their creative juices flowing. ♥

  10. Jessi McQueen :

    Hello, I would like to use the audio from this video for a student project I am working on at the University of Central Oklahoma. May I?

  11. SR Fisher :

    This kitty loves Vietmanese traditional music. I dream of floating down the Mekong in a glass-bottomed boat, watching the fishes swimming below. Meowww

  12. moonlight :

    Im vietnamese and yes, our culture is heavily influenced by China. There are some people who deny this, I honestly don't know what is wrong with them. They are just overly nationalistic. Please ignore them. Also please ignore all the offensive comments, they are trolls who love to insult other ethnicities.

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