VR 360° Girlfriend Does a Relaxing Massage with Electric Massager | Tutorial

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Hello everyone, you are on the Blogika VR channel.
And today, I and my girlfriend, who is a part-time doctor, will show you clearly how to properly massage the whole body using an electric massager.

The first thing you need to do is place the girl on a straight surface of the floor or couch.
Then we need to warm our hands with rubbing movements so that our patient is not cold during touching.

Then we need to warm up the upper layer of the patient’s skin with stroking movements.
And after that apply massage oil or cream to your hands.

After we warm the oil on our hands, we can begin to apply it to the skin of the girl.
It will help us using deeper massage movements, namely pressing, pinching and stretching.

After we have done a back massage, we gradually move to the leg area.
We start from the upper part of the leg, namely, the thigh, and go down to the heels.
Here we use the same technique that was used on the back.

After our body is warmed up, we proceed to massage using an electric massager.
To do this, we smear the skin of our patient with oil or cream so that the massager does not cause severe friction with it.
And we vibrate all the muscles of the back and legs.
The most important thing that you need to remember is that it’s not advisable to act on the bones with the massager, as shaking the bones will lead to a weakening our health.
Hard muscles massage with vibrations is very helpful for our body.

After we have vibrated all the muscles of the body, we can actively wash our patient’s feet.
The most sensitive particles of our body are on our feet, and if we stimulate them, this will not only give our girl a pleasant sensation, but also give her health and beauty.

After all the manipulations, you can calm the body with light touches and stroking and allow it to get used to this relaxed state.

Now, our patient will leave not only with a good mood, but also with soft body muscles, because we correctly used the massage technique with an electric massager.
With vibrations, you can much more efficiently and deeply penetrate the muscles of the body and remove all stagnation.
Therefore, use our advice on yourself and your loved ones and be healthy.
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